Dietitian's Top Pick: MaraNatha

We used to have an overhead in-store message that started like this "Do you love peanut butter so much, you eat it out of the jar?" While it was a fair question, our poor team members had to hear that message so many times every day. Many of them would approach us and say "Yes! I love peanut butter now stop playing that message!" Hehe! Needless to say we recorded a whole bunch of new messages and tried to keep the repeating to a minimum.

The problem is now I (Alicia) love Almond Butter so much I want to eat it out of the jar, especially MaraNatha' All Natural Raw Almond Butter. It receives one of the highest NuVal scores (71) on the nut butter aisle. Some of the other peanut butters on the aisle only get a NuVal score of 20 or 24 so this almond butter is a true rock star.

For our guests who enjoy eating a raw foods lifestyle, you can find this peanut butter in our raw set or for everyone else, it is mixed right in with our other specialty peanut butters. You'll see it right next to our Dietitian's Top Pick Shelf tag (see above).

I love putting almond butter in my smoothies, on apples, mixed and melted into my oatmeal (probably my favorite way of eating almond butter) and yes, I eat it straight out of the jar.

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