Dietitian's Top Pick: Raincoast Trading Wild Sockeye Salmon

Today our Dietitian's Top Pick is Raincoast Trading Wild Sockeye Salmon, found on the canned fish aisle. We love the NuVal score because it is so close to the fresh salmon score of 82 (that means very little has been added or taken away from the salmon).

We also like Raincoast Trading's canned salmon for the following reasons:
  • BPA free cans
  • No bleaching or pre-cooking
  • No added water or oil
  • Rich in natural omega 3 oils
  • Wild caught sockeye salmon
  • Product of Canada
  • Caught in the Pacific Northwest
  • No bycatch, no habitat damage
  • 100% traceability from boat to can
Canned salmon makes a really great salmon patty or cake. Another really quick way to have a protein packed lunch is to mix canned salmon, fat free or reduced fat cottage cheese and dried dill. Of course, you'll want to throw in diced red peppers, maybe some celery and eat over a big green salad.

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