Market Street Giveaway: Namaste Tote and Full Size Products

We want to introduce you to Namaste Foods. If you are familiar with the gluten free world, you probably already know about Namaste Foods and are likely a fan. I (Alicia) had the pleasure of meeting Sharon and Emily, who work for Namaste, at a meeting. As I listened to the conversation I was completely surprised at how little I knew about Namaste besides their gluten free claim. Check out these facts:

  • Namaste Foods has 20 Products - Free Of the Major Allergens - wheat, gluten, corn, soy, potato, dairy, casein, tree nuts and peanuts (please note not all Market Streets carry all 20 products)
  • Namaste Foods carefully made in a brand new dedicated allergen-free facility - eliminating any chance of cross contamination - Unlike other brands which have Warning Labels “contains allergens”
  • Namaste Foods has been at the forefront of the Gluten/Allergen Free Movement - Namaste Foods has been active in the Gluten Free arena for more than 12 years, we have been at the forefront of the Gluten/Allergen Free movement working directly with dietitians and nutritionists (that's us) at the store level.
  • Namaste Foods is non GMO - Made with NO genetically modified ingredients; all natural (so basically, our Market Street shoppers who aren't necessarily Gluten Free can still rely on Namaste Foods for non GMO products)
  • Namaste Foods is Certified Gluten Free and Kosher Certified
  • Women Owned Business Certification (WOBC)
  • Best Value On The Market - Ounce per ounce Namaste products are the best value on the market, (their cake mixes make 2 cakes, and their seasoned coatings have 2 bags)

So if you have loved Namaste Foods since the beginning or you are new to Namaste Foods, we want to celebrate with a giveaway. 

To enter to win, leave a comment below listing one thing you learned about Namaste Foods that you didn’t know before reading today’s blog.
What's in the giveaway?
  • Namaste tote
  • 4 full products
  • a living well magazine
  • a cookbook
  • and various coupons and other small goodies

Rules: This prize giveaway is only for Market Street shoppers only. Winners must be able to pick up their prize at their nearest Market Street Supermarket (DFW, Lubbock, Amarillo, Wichita Falls). Prizes cannot be mailed. Winners will be selected on the morning of April 19th and will be announced on the blog. One winner will be drawn at random from those who leave comments before 9 am (Central Time) on April 19th.
Disclaimer: Namaste Foods provided samples of products to us. We were not paid by Namaste Foods nor obligated to promote their items. We thought it'd be nice to pass along the gluten free goodness to our Market Street Guests.
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  1. I had no idea Namaste products were made in a dedicated allergy-free facility! I have been eating Gluten Free since January & so many products list that they are gluten-free but in tiny letters it will say they are produced in a facility that does manufacture wheat - which always baffles me because of cross contamination concerns.

  2. I did not know that these products were also non - GMo. I am wondering if GMO products are causing so many people to be alleric to gluten?

  3. I did not know they were free of all of those allergens, awesome!

  4. I didn't know that Namaste foods were non GMO as well! That's awesome! Makes me want to use their products even more!

  5. I didn't know they were GMO and I like that!
    Must try their products soon, looks really great!

  6. I only knew the package. I had no idea you were non GMO or Kosher. Looks like I'll be picking up a package or two!

    1. Hi Miki! You won the Namaste giveaway. Congrats! Email me at AJerome@UnitedTexas.com and we will coordinate getting your giveaway to you.

  7. Thanks for all the wonderful comments. Most of us had no idea these were GMO free. Our winner is "The Browns". Will you email me at AJerome@UnitedTexas.com and we'll get your giveaway mailed to you. Congrats!!