Products are changing their recipe - what does this mean for your health?

Over the last few months we've been revealing products that have been reformulated - both for the good and the bad. Unless you memorized the ingredient list and nutrition facts panel you probably wouldn't know a product has changed. Thanks to NuVal, the nutrition scoring system, we at Market Street are able to see at a glance which products scores have jumped or fallen. We've just got the latest reformulations for this month. Take a look below and see if your favorite product has changed.

February Product Changes
March Product Changes

Product was reformulated and now
as more sugar and more calories.

Flour reformulated and now has vitamin and
mineral fortification, as well as less calories.

Product reformulated. Now using a
different shortening with more trans fat.

Nutrition facts panel update, now declaring less fiber.
An updated nutrition facts panel now
declares more fiber and less saturated fat.

Nutrition Facts Panel updated, now has less fiber and more fat.

Any surprises for you? We'd love to hear about it.

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