Trade Up Tuesday: Muscle Milk

Here's a quick Trade Up for you this Tuesday. We love when we can show how someone can Trade Up within their favorite product. Let's say you are a die-hard Muscle Milk fan (I know you are out there. I hear you talking about Muscle Milk at the gym.) and you like all the Muscle Milk flavors. You can make a considerable Trade Up by choosing the Vanilla Creme flavor with a NuVal score of 82 over the Strawberries 'N Creme with a NuVal score of 58.

Remember it's the simple Trade Ups that add up. NuVal scores are available at Market Street Supermarkets in DFW and West Texas. You can find the scores right on the price tag. Higher scores mean better nutrition. Want even more information on NuVal, click here.

Would you Trade Up from Strawberry to Vanilla Creme?

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