A new way to cook corn! You won't believe this...

Fresh corn is one of my most favorite summer treats.  I love corn that is slightly sweet and freshly picked.  Right now all of our stores have Texas grown corn and it is delicious.  I highly recommend you get some on your next shopping trip. 

I would also like to introduce you to a super easy way to cook corn.  This is now how I always cook it and it turns out perfectly every time.  The flavor is superb.  I promise, once you try this, you will never boil corn again.  It’s that easy and that good!

1.  Place entire ear of corn (husk and all) in the microwave (yes the microwave) for 4 minutes per ear.

2. Once done, cut off the end that has the stalk on it

3. Hold the corn up from the end that has the silk coming out and the corn will just slide out

4. Top with your favorite spices and toppings and enjoy!

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