June is Dairy Month

Did you know that June is Dairy month!  Consider celebrating this month with a relatively new product to the dairy market: Kefir.  Kefir is similar to a drinkable yogurt with live cultures that are excellent in helping to support a healthy digestive tract.  Did you know that approximately 80% of your immune system is inside your digestive tract!  Make your digestive tract healthy and make your whole self healthy. 

Kefir has long been a popular drink in Europe and has more recently become popular in the U.S. as more consumers turn their attention to improving health through dietary changes.  Kefir is rich in pro-biotics making it a good choice for your dairy needs.  This particular brand gets a high NuVal score for having little sugar and calories while still offering the health benefits of calcium. Some studies even show that kefir is more easily digested by those who are lactose intolerant than a traditional, non-fermented milk product.

Which dairy product will you be consuming to celebrate dairy month?

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