Create your own custom spice jars!

Hopefully most of our guests are off today, enjoying an extended July 4th holiday. If you are like me, I (Alicia) love having a lengthy weekend to catch up on stuff around the house and work on projects that have been on my "To Do" list for for too long.

We just moved and there's nothing like a move to bring you to the realization that you have way too much stuff. As I was organizing the pantry I was so frustrated by the oodles of spices that I accumulated over the years. I found 3 different bottles of cinnamon that were each half empty. Why do I need 3 separate jars of cinnamon? And one had expired in 2011 - yeesh! Something had to be done. So today I share a great project for you to consolidate your spices and create a beautifully simple and organized pantry.

Things you will need:
  • All your extra spices and herbs
  • Clear spices jars (I found mine at Bed Bath and Beyond for $1 each)
  • Chalkboard contact paper (found at Hobby Lobby for less than $10 or on Amazon)
  • Paper punch in whatever shape you like (found at Hobby Lobby for $15.99 - be sure to use your 40% off coupon - or on Amazon)
  • Dry erase chalk markers (found at Hobby Lobby for $12.99 - be sure to use your 40% off coupon - or on Amazon)
  • Funnel (you can buy a spice funnel or just make one out of extra cardboard and tape)

Empty spice jars can be purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond

The most amazing thing - chalkboard contact paper.
You can peel off and use again. Use it with dry erase chalk markers.
It allows you to reuse the labels. Genius!

ek tools paper punch. I used this to cut out my
labels from the chalkboard contact paper.

Chalk markers - looks exactly like chalk but erases like dry erase - love!
How to:
  • First off, check if any of your spices are out of date. If so, toss 'em.
  • Count how many spices you have - so you know how many jars you'll need
  • Wash the spice jars
  • Use your paper punch and cut out enough labels for each spice jar
  • Affix your labels to the spice jars
  • Group all your same spices together and consolidate them into the new spice jar with your spice funnel
  • Use your chalk markers and label the spices
  • Stand back and admire your work - you've updated your spices, consolidated and now organized them!

Use your paper punch to cut out enough labels for the spice jars.

Affix all the labels onto the spice jars.
Group your spices together and funnel into the new spice jar.
Don't laugh too hard at my homemade funnel.

Use your amazing chalk markers to label all your spices. Enjoy!

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