Dietitian's Top Pick: Justin’s Almond Butter with Maple flavoring

Product Name: Justin’s Almond Butter with Maple flavoring 
NuVal Score: 29

One of our favorite portable snacks are single serving packets of Justin's Maple Almond Butter.  It provides a great non-refrigerated source of protein and healthy fat.  If you are not a big fan of maple try other flavors available at Market Street like honey, vanilla, chocolate or the classic Almond Butter.

Serving Size: 1 packet
Calories 200
Total Fat 17g
Cholesterol 0mg
Sodium 70mg
Total Carbohydrate 8g
Fiber 3g
Protein 6g
Iron 8%

Ingredients: Dark roasted almonds, Maple Sugar, Organic palm fruit oil, Sea Salt

Why it's a DTP: This product is loaded with healthy fats but is free of hydrogenated oils, gluten, and dairy, making it a great travel-along snack for the whole family.  It is also low in sugar and free of excess ingredients and fillers that you may not want in your diet.  Try the many flavors today to pack a protein punch and keep from running to the vending machine for your afternoon fix.

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