What's New: Manuka Honey

Manuka Tea Tree in New Zealand
Manuka Honey is a new product that is getting lots of hype lately for its health benefits and natural properties.  Collected from bees that feed on the Manuka tree or tea tree which is native to New Zealand; the special honey is reported to assist skin in moisture absorption, to be full of antioxidants for fighting free radicals, and to stimulate healing.  In addition, it is known to be a good, natural energy source and has long been known to calm and settle the stomach.  With all these great claims I thought I would do some research and see what science was saying about this honey and all its great properties. 

We took to the scientific journals and it seems that honey-in general-has been shown to improve healing time in wounds through increased collagen formation and granulation of tissue-but this done with topical applications, not by consumption of the honey.  Also honey does in fact have significant levels of antioxidants. We found nothing on whether it assists in moisture absorption or benefits the skin in any way; however, a claim to benefit the skin’s appearance would make sense if it assists in collagen formation.

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We also found lots of information confirming that all honeys have properties that meet these claims but there are very few articles on Manuka honey just yet.  Specifically,  Manuka honey is still being researched in an effort to verify these claims but the consensus seems to be that Manuka honey looks promising as a product that may, with more research, prove to be a highly beneficial product.

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Will you try Manuka honey? Tell us about it.

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