Celiac Awareness Month

Don't forget about naturally gluten free foods. All fruits and vegetables are
 gluten free so it's a great excuse to include more in your diet.

October is National Celiac Awareness Month.  (We like to recognize both May and October!)  Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease that affects the small intestine.  People with celiac disease cannot digest gluten, which is a protein found in wheat, rye and barley.  Eating gluten not only damages the lining of the small intestine, but can cause several side effects including diarrhea, stomach aches, fatigue, rash, joint pain and weight loss.  Since most digestion takes place in the small intestine, damage to this delicate tissue can cause malabsorption of important nutrients.

The good thing is, avoiding gluten completely can allow people with Celiac disease to lead a healthy and normal life.  There are many foods that are naturally gluten free including fruits, vegetables, meats, legumes and dairy.  There are even several grains that people with Celiac disease can enjoy like rice, corn, soy and nut flours.  The bad thing is, gluten can be found in a lot of processed products - even ones you don’t typically think contain wheat.

Gluten-free living has become more popular recently with several diets also claiming improved health for people without Celiac disease.  This growing popularity has been beneficial for all of those looking to avoid gluten through innovation with new gluten-free products, labeling changes and more wide spread availability in stores.

Look for these labels when shopping gluten-free:

Throughout October, look for gluten-free products featured on our Living Well Blog as Dietitian’s Top Picks, Trade Up items and Gluten-Free recipes. 

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