Trade Up Tuesday: Muscle Milk

To kick off Celiac Awareness Month we are featuring our first (of many) Gluten Free Trade Up Tuesdays. Both Muscle Milks shown above are gluten free and perfect for someone with Celiac Disease.

When you need something quick or just finished a workout, we typically like to recommend food choices first, but if you really enjoy a supplement drink then choose the Muscle Milk Light over Regular Muscle Milk. The Muscle Milk Light contains less calories, less fat, less carbohydrates, while still supplying a good portion of protein and vitamins and minerals to help you recover from exercise or to use as a snack.
Note: The Light does not contain very many carbs so it would not be effective in providing you with the energy you need before an endurance activity.
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All month long we will be featuring gluten free products, trade ups and tips to help you lead a gluten free lifestyle. You will also want to join us October 26-27 at the Plano Convention Center in Plano TX for the Gluten Free Allergen Free Expo. We will be one of the almost 100 vendors sharing what we have to offer to our Gluten Free guests.


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  1. It was my understanding that cross-contamination can be just as dangerous as gluten in foods. We purchased GF Muscle Milk but the label stated it was processed in a plant that also processes wheat. Is this truly safe for Celiac consumption? Thanks!