Trade Up Tuesday: Dips for the Big Game

Today, our Trade Up Tuesday is a Triple Trade Up. We thought with the Big Game this weekend you might need some inspiration on better-for-you game day snacks.

When filling your basket or your plate think "how can I trade up?" You could easily see all three dips above at any football party. But at your party you could help party guests make better choices. The numbers below each dip are called NuVal scores. Each of these numbers is on the price tag at any Market Street grocery store. The higher the number, the better the nutrition.

Let's say you are planning on serving all 3 dips. You could even post the NuVal scores at your party so guests would know which dip has the best nutrition. Or if you are only planning on getting 1 or 2 dips choose a dip with a higher NuVal score. It's simple.

If you'd prefer to make your own dip, check back Friday where we will post a recipe for a healthier 7 layer dip.

Until then, what's your favorite game day dip?

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