Trade Up Tuesday: Mixed Nuts

With the big game only a few weeks away it's time to start picking out your game day snacks. Now before you stop reading, I'm not going to tell you to have salad instead of your potato chips and chicken wings. Half of the fun of the Super Bowl is getting together with friends and enjoying finger foods. This year, focus on trading up your favorite snacks instead of giving them up altogether.

Here's one great example on today's Trade Up Tuesday. You can see above that Planter's Nut-trition in two different varieties: Wholesome Nut Mix and Heart Healthy Mix. For the exact same price you can get better nutrition by Trading Up to the Heart Healthy Mix. Remember the higher the NuVal score the better the overall nutrition. You'll find these NuVal scores right on the price tag.

With NuVal you can make game day snacks even better. Next Tuesday we'll trade up our chips. Give it a try and tell us your game day Trade Up.

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  1. Hi Kathy! So sorry for the delayed response. For some reason I didn't get a notification that you commented. My apologies.
    Basically the Wholesome Nut Mix has a little bit more saturated fat, less potassium, more carbs, less fiber and less protein than the Heart Healthy Mix. Hope that clarifies better. Have a great week.