Trade Up Tuesday: Valentine Chocolates

As Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, everyone is scrambling to get last minute presents for their loved one. The go-to gift for Valentine’s Day is to give your sweetie some sweets! This year, try to give your friends and loved ones more nutrient dense candies. By getting candies with nuts in it, it increases the nutritious value of the candy. Nuts provide a protein source and some essential vitamins and minerals.

By trading up from Hershey’s milk chocolate nuggets to Hershey’s milk chocolate nuggets with almonds, the NuVal score goes from 3 to 10. To make that Valentine’s treat even healthier, try dark chocolate. Dark chocolate provides antioxidants that benefit the body. By incorporating dark chocolate into your Valentine’s treats, the NuVal score will be bumped up to 20. Choosing more nutritious sweets you can get through this Valentine’s Day without consuming too many empty calories.

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  1. Your Grandma and Grandpa love the dark Hersheys with almonds!