Dietitian's Top Pick: Shrimp

"Shrimp as a Dietitian's Top Pick? Doesn't that have a lot of cholesterol in it?" 

This is a common question we get on our Heart Healthy Shopping Tours at Market Street (DFW and West Texas). We love shrimp and want you to love it too. Check out this great study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Basically here's how the study was set up: 
A group of people were recruited for a study. They had to have normal cholesterol and agree to eat either eggs or shrimp every day and then switch half way through. The group that had eggs every day ate a low-fat diet and a total of 581 mg of cholesterol per day. The group that had shrimp every day ate a low-fat diet and a total of 590 mg of cholesterol per day - about the same. 

Here's what happened:
So both the egg and shrimp groups had increases in their LDL cholesterol (that's the bad cholesterol) but they also had increases in their HDL cholesterol (that the good one that protects our hearts). The best part was that the shrimp group had a bigger raise in good cholesterol and a smaller raise in the bad cholesterol than the egg group. The shrimp group also lowered their triglycerides. 

Bottom line:
People who have normal cholesterol levels can enjoy shrimp as part of a heart healthy diet and may even see increases in their good (HDL) cholesterol and decreases in their triglycerides!

At Market Street we can even make it easier for you. Our seafood counters will steam the shrimp for you while you shop - for free! Now that's good nutrition made easy.

We'd love to hear your favorite shrimp recipes. Leave us a note below!

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