Trade Up Tuesday: Nut Butters

There are few things that beat the taste of delicious nut butters and with the recent love for almond, cashew, hazelnut and walnut butters, there's a yummy nut spread for everyone. 

In most of our Market Street stores you can get freshly ground peanut and almond butters from our nut butter machines. Take a look at the picture below:

It's really simple to operate. Just grab a clear container right below the machine or in the bulk section. See that button on the bottom left of the machine? It's green on the top and red on the bottom. Green means "go". Pushing it will start the nut butter machine. Of course, red means "stop" and will turn off the machine. You can grind as little or as much nut butter as you'd like. Then, place your cup of ooey-gooey goodness on the scale (usually right next to the nut butter machines) and type in the 3 digit PLU# (almond butter is 522 and peanut butter is 401). Select print and place the price tag on the cup, take it to the register and pay for it like you would any other product. Voila!

Both of these nut butters are tasty but if you are looking for the best nutrition, which kind of nut butter should you select? Take a look below.

Fresh ground peanut butter on the left and almond butter on the right.

Remember that almond butter contains more of the heart healthy unsaturated fats than peanut butter does giving it a slightly higher NuVal score.

At the end of the day, both peanut and almond butters have such great nutrition. So enjoy the one that you like the most!


  1. Good to know! Almond butter is so expensive, so I usually buy peanut butter and have almond butter as an occasional treat.

  2. Hey Rebecca! That's a great plan - peanut and almond butter!