Dietitian's Top Pick: Kind Plus Almond Cashew Bar

It's no secret that we dietitians are somewhat ga-ga for Kind Bars. In fact 8 of the bars make our Dietitian's Top Pick* list. You can easily identify these bars in our stores by our Dietitian's Top Pick shelf tags. We love that the ingredient list is simple, the nutrition is great and that they are portable for lunch bags, diaper bags, backpacks and purses.

This week's Dietitian's Top Pick Kind Bar is also non GMO, gluten free, a good source of fiber, sodium, dairy, soy, trans fat and cholesterol free.

Kind Bar: Almond Cashew with Flax and Omega-3
NuVal: 56
Serving Size: 1 bar
Calories: 190
Total Fat: 11g
Saturated Fat: 1.5g
Trans Fat: 0g
Cholesterol: 0mg
Sodium: 0mg
Potassium: 130mg
Total Carbs: 20g
Dietary Fiber: 3g
Sugars: 11g
Protein: 4g

Ingredients: Almonds, cashews, honey, non GMO glucose, flax seeds, macadamia nuts, vanilla extract, chicory root fiber.

*A Dietitian's Top Pick is a product that receives one of the highest NuVal scores for a specific food category (snacks, chips, bread, etc). 

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