Happy Mother's Day! An Easy Recipe to Enjoy with Mom!

Fruit Bruschetta

This Sunday, May 11th, we get to celebrate moms!  While so many moms work hard at meeting their kid’s needs – hugging them in their infancy, feeding them, cleaning them (or cleaning up after them), transporting them a variety of places, hugging them in their teen years, helping with homework, planning parties for them, hugging them in their adulthood- a mother’s job is never done!  So let me be the first to say to my Mom: THANK YOU for all that you have done and continue to do!  And to all you other mom’s out there, I’ve provided a recipe that is easy enough for even a child to prepare (wink, wink) as a way for them to pamper you just a little bit!  You deserve it!
Here are the ingredients you will need:

Wash strawberries and cut off stems; slice. (You can use an egg slicer to help with this task).

Stir room temperature cream cheese; stir in powdered sugar (and vanilla if desired).

In another bowl, stir berries together.  

Spread cream cheese mixture on toasted bread.

Spoon berries on next. 
Sift a little powdered sugar on the berries and serve!


Fruit Bruschetta

1 loaf whole grain bread, sliced (I used the Good N’Grainy bread from Market Street or you could substitute a Gluten Free bread if that better meets your needs)
1 (8 oz.) block low-fat cream cheese or Neufchatel cheese, at room temperature
2-3 Tablespoons powdered sugar or honey
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 pound strawberries, sliced
1 ½ cups frozen blueberries, thawed, but NOT drained

1.        Toast bread in toaster and set aside. 

2.       In small bowl, mix cream cheese, powdered sugar or honey, and vanilla.

3.       In another bowl, toss strawberries and blueberries(and blueberry juice)together.

4.       Spread cream cheese mixture on toast; top with berries.  If desired, sift a little powdered sugar on top of berries!  Enjoy!

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