Summer Grilling: Build Your Own Kabobs

Summer is always a great time to meet up with family and friends, and what is better than having a cookout?  Build your own kabobs is a great way to get everyone involved (even the kids!) and get outside to fire up the grill! Once you cube up the ingredients, just set out and let people customize their own kabob.  This is an easy, fast, healthy, and fun way to involve everyone this summer!

Gather your ingredients: 

Build your kabob:
Build Your Own Kabob
Ingredients Needed

             Fresh Chicken (skinless breast or tenderloin) and Beef (sirloin steak) – cubed, fresh    deveined shrimp
             Fresh bell peppers (all colors), squash, zucchini, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes
             Fresh pineapple and peaches (cut into small chunks)
             Skewers (metal works great on the grill or bamboo)
             Herbs & spices or we love McCormick Grill Mates Worcestershire Pub Burger
             Extra virgin olive oil
             Worcestershire sauce

Directions: Clean everything while keeping the raw meat separate from the raw produce. Place the chicken, beef, and shrimp in individual bowls with their own set of tongs or a fork. Place cleaned and cubed raw produce on a tray or each in their own bowls with tongs or a fork. Place olive oil, Worcestershire sauce, and spices at the end of the line to season your food before the ka-bob goes on the grill. Cook on the grill until meat reaches an internal temp of 165 for chicken, 155 for beef (medium), and until shrimp has opaque pearl color. Veggies and fruit should have nice grill marks or a bit of a charred appearance.

*TIP: I encourage guests in our home to make chicken, shrimp, or beef ka-bobs separate rather than putting the meats on the same skewer. This will help ensure my chicken gets thoroughly cooked without over-cooking my steak or shrimp. This will also help prevent cross contamination.

Plan for about 2-3 skewers per adult and 1-2 skewers per child.

Optional: You can also cook a large amount of brown rice in the crock pot and once the ka-bobs are done people get a spoonful of rice and then top it with the fresh off the grill ka-bob!

For extra flavor and little added calories, try boiling the brown rice in chicken stock instead of water.


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