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Last week we had a great time celebrating  our great nation! Now we turn our focus to the great state we live in – Texas!  This weekend, July 12th and 13th, is the Best of Texas Expo!  This expo highlights several of the items we carry at Market Street that are made in or grown in Texas.  Some of these items will also be available for you to sample!  Here are a few of our Texas items:

 Let’s start with some produce.  We strive to buy local when we can.  This provides the freshest items and helps support our local farmers! See that big juicy watermelon?  That Texas grown watermelon is great all by itself, but have you ever tried it grilled?  Yum!  Just a few minutes for each side on the grill and you have a delicious and unique dessert.  You can also do the same with peaches.  While you are grilling, try putting some fresh corn on there, husk and all!  Squash is also great on the grill.  I love to brush a little balsalmic vinegar on there to liven up the taste.   Good nutrition made easy and tasty!

Now we turn our attention to some of the good food made right here in Texas!  Those Beanitos are chips made out of beans!  You may have seen us talk about these a time or two here on the blog.  That’s because these are some of our favorite chips.  They contain more protein and fiber than corn tortilla chips.  Pair these chips with Mateo’s Gourmet Salsa and you have a wonderful snack.  Or try that salsa on tacos or your eggs in the morning!  The Kylito’s BBQ sauce is a favorite to brush on some grilled chicken or pork chops.  Need something to wash is all down?  Try some of the Texas Teas.  Several flavors are available to help quench your thirst.  I saved the coffee for last.  That coffee is roasted here in Texas.   You can have a little treat by dunking a few of these ginger snaps in your coffee:
These are also a fun little gift to share with visitors or new friends from out of state or even some of those college kids coming here for their education. 
We will be back in a few days with a quick meal idea using some more items from right here in our own backyard!  In the meantime, plan to come to one of our Market Streets this weekend and discover many more Texas treasures!

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