Stock up on cherries and freeze them for the rest of the year

I heard something yesterday that made me a little sad.  We are nearing the end of cherry season.   Yikes!  Those are a favorite!  But cheer up!  You can freeze those cherries and enjoy them anytime of the year!  So, I thought it was fitting to re-post this "how-to" about freezing cherries.  Stock up on those cherries now and enjoy those cherries year round!
Don't forget all the yummy recipes we made with cherries last summer: Cherry Quinoa and Cherry Cooler.

How to Freeze Cherries:

Today we take a look, through pictures, at how easy it is to freeze cherries.
There are 3 basic steps:
1. Rinse the cherries and dry them
2. Place the cherries in a sealable container
3. Date the container and place in the freezer - how easy is that!
What you'll need: cherries, strainer, sealable container, something to place a date on the container
Rinse the cherries and let drain. Then let dry or spread them on a
paper towel to dry (forgot to take a picture of this step).

Place the cherries in a sealable, freezable container. Be sure to mark the date you froze them.
If you'd like to see how to make these chalkboard labels see our previous post.

Place the cherries in the freezer.  When you are ready to use, just set the cherries
out at room temperature until they reach your desired temperature.

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