Build a Better Lunchbox

As soon as the calendar rolls over to August, many parents have to start thinking about back to school preparations. (The students have to think about it too, but may choose to stay in denial).  In addition to gathering, pens, pencils, rulers, folders, spirals, scissors, and many other items, it's also not a bad idea to begin planning what to pack for lunches.  The first day of school will be here before you know it, so having a plan can help things go a little smoother as you transition to a new routine!  By the way, even if you are not having to plan a lunch for your child, planning your lunches can still be helpful.  To help with your planning, we have put together some tools.  Click here to check out some of those tools.  You can also start looking for our Build a Better Lunchbox brochures in the store - they even have a shopping list inside.  And check back here on Friday for some more lunch box ideas!

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