Potluck Tuesday: Teaching Your Kids to Make Their Own Healthy Lunch

Imagine with me...you are sitting at the breakfast table watching your beloved child purposefully open the refrigerator and grab some fruits, vegetables, and a few other things. She closes the fridge and begins to assemble her lunchbox for school. After a few quiet minutes and minimal mess, she calls you over to approve her selection. You closely look for all the food groups and give her an approving nod and a wink. She smiles from ear to ear and zips up her Doc McStuffins lunchbox, ready for the day.

A dream? Maybe not. It's never too early to start teaching our kids responsibility and good nutrition. No doubt you've seen the MyPlate graphic - a visual guide for planning your meals. This is a great tool to help your kids pick out foods from each food group for their lunch: vegetables, fruit, grains, protein and dairy. Let them know you get final say on the lunchbox - this ensures that they don't take Skittles as the fruit selection of their lunch. If they have a less than desirable option, use it as a teaching moment to find a better choice.

See link below to download

Give kids ownership of their lunch. They'll be more likely to eat it if they made it. They'll learn responsibility and good nutrition and you won't have to make lunches! Win-win-win!

Download MyPlate Your Lunch (PDF)

You can use a Ziploc divided container or we found a mini-tackle box that you can reuse. 

Fill a mini-tackle box with fruit, veggies, whole grains,
protein and dairy for a homemade "lunch-able".

Ziploc divided container. Check out the Market Street Pinterest Page for ideas on filling the Ziploc.

Need some ideas to start you off? Check out our Market Street Pinterest page for some Quick and Easy Lunches.

Market Street Pinterest - Quick and Easy Lunches

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