Spooktacular Treats

The season of ghosts and goblins, treats and goodies is upon us.  And while a treat is something we all enjoy, we thought we would give you some healthier treat options.  Here are some fun ideas to take to a party or just to share with someone special.  If you have kids around, let them help!  These don't have to be perfect, just yummy!

Let's start with some "candycorn".  This is simple to make.  Just grab some pineapple (you can even grab some of our Fresh Cut Pineapple in the produce section), add some clementine oranges, and top with whipped cream!  You could also use vanilla yogurt and call it breakfast.

Using those clementine oranges, peel and separtate into sections.  Dip each section in some melted dark chocolate and serve.  Easy and delicious!

Want some even easier ideas? 
1. Leave the peeled oranges whole and stick a small stick of celery in the top to make cute little "pumpkins". 
2. Or, leave the peel on and let everyone have fun drawing a jack-o-lantern face. 
3. For a little variety, you can make apricot spiders.  Take a dried apricot, use a bamboo skewer to make holes on each side to insert the legs.  For the legs, take one fruit strip and cut into 8 slices along the length of the strip (a pizza cutter works well for this); cut the strip in half.  Insert a strip into each of the holes on the apricots to make the legs.  For the eyes, dip the end of the skewer into melted chocolate and dot onto the apricot.
4. While you have the skewer and the melted chocolate out, you can make some banana ghosts.  Peel a banana and cut in half.  Dot the chocolate onto the banana to make the eyes.  Take a chocolate chip and insert into the banana to make the mouth. 

 Hope you enjoy these treats.  Do you have any special treats you make?  We'd love to hear your ideas!

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