Stuff You Gotta Try at Market Street: Go Picnic

Over the last few weeks we've shared a couple of our new favorite finds in the aisles of Market Street. We took a bite out of the Rhythm Super Food Chips and then we gave you the scoop on PB2.

Today, we are excited to share the modern spin on a popular-not-to-be-named-yellow-boxed-lunch. If you haven't tried GoPicnic's boxed lunch/snacks you are truly missing out.

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Here's some of our pros and cons.

Pros of the products in general:
  • Does not require refrigeration
  • Extremely portable in size
  • Lots of variety
  • Lots of options for different food allergies/preferences
  • Usually less than 400 calories and substantial in protein
  • No liquids - so great for air travel
  • Love the games on the inside of the box - a great lunch time activity!

Pros of the Turkey Pepperoni and Cheese GoPicnic:
  • Super tasty fruit and nut mix
  • Delicious sea salt caramel lollipop - I've got to find some more of those
  • So fun to have a different flavor of cheese than just a cheddar
  • Gluten free
Here are all the products outside of the box - so convenient that they are each individually wrapped.

Cons of the product in general:
  • Not all of the meals with meat products are nitrite free (yet)
  • A little on the small size. The size is perfect for a meal for an average woman but might be more of a snack for men.
  • No napkin in the box!

Cons of the Turkey Pepperoni and Cheese GoPicnic:
  • Tasted really salty!
  • The pepperoni were a little greasy - definitely needed a napkin.
  • Nitrites in the pepperoni - sad face
Market Street carries a variety of the flavors but not all. 

You can see that it would be a great light lunch for some but more of a snack size for others.

Another picture of the products. Check out the Sudoku
that you get to play during your lunch break!
There are lots of varieties of GoPicnic to choose from. Please note
that not all flavors are available at all Market Street Supermarkets.

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