Stuff You Gotta Try at Market Street: Swirl Instant Tea

I'm really excited about this new product in our stores. I hope it does well. We've all seen the individual Crystal Lights, the Mio drink flavorings and the other individual flavor add-ins for water; but I haven't seen plain, unsweetened tea bags for individual bottles of water.

Swirl is literally a tiny tea bag meant for 1 16 oz bottle of water. You simply add the tea bag, shake and let it sit for a bit. You can drink it plain or add your own sweetener.

Here are some pros and cons of Swirl Tea:
  • Portable
  • You can make fresh tea anytime and anyplace!
  • No calories or sweeteners
  • The peach tea was flavored enough that it didn't need any sweetener
  • You have to let the tea sit for about 10-30 minutes. I got so thirsty waiting for it to be done
  • There's no caffeine free version of Swirl yet

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