Stuff You Gotta Try at Market Street: Tarte Asian Yogurt

Today we have a new product for you to try: Tarte Asian yogurt! I can already hear your first question. Asian yogurt? What makes a yogurt Asian and how is that different from Greek? Good question. According to the Tarte website, here are some difference between Asian and Greek yogurt:

  • Lighter subtly sweet taste compared to most flavored yogurts, yet it is still very smooth and creamy for a high protein yogurt
  • It is made by gently cooking milk to caramelize the natural sugars, while the key nutrients are retained by not straining, giving Tarté 2x calcium of Greek yogurt as well as a higher concentration of other essential electrolytes such as Potassium & Phosphorus.
  • Asian yogurt is a new alternative to Greek yogurt with just as much protein but without the thick chalky texture or off-putting sour taste. 
But what does it taste like? I knew that'd be your next question. Asian yogurt definitely does not have that thick chalky, almost dry texture of thick Greek Yogurts. It is more sweet than sour. This particular flavor mostly tasted like strawberry. I'm not sure what a guanabana tastes like but it was hard to taste anything but strawberry and yogurt.

Here are some pros and cons:
  • Nice, sweet taste, very much like original yogurts
  • Lots of protein, calcium and potassium
  • Only 110 calories
  • Contains probiotics
  • No weird colorings, flavorings, etc 
  • Sweetened with both sugar and rebiana (stevia)
  • Tastes like most other (non-Greek) yogurts
  • Slightly higher price point. Likely because of the novelty and uniqueness
  • Some people don't like the taste of stevia

It's definitely worth a try. Look for it in the dairy case at Market Street.

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