More than just cranberry sauce

In just a few short weeks, millions of homes across America will sit down to a beautifully decorated Thanksgiving table. While it's not the main dish, cranberry sauce has become a staple to this festive food, family and friends holiday.

But cranberries don't need to hide out the rest of the year. Did you know?
  • Cranberry products contain proanthocyanidins (PACs) which are flavonoids unique to cranberries. These PACs prevent bacteria from sticking to cell walls.
  • Cranberries also contain bioactive compounds that may help reduce certain infections, improve heart health and temper inflammation.
  • Cranberries may help improve blood cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure.

10 Reasons to Put Cranberries in Your Cart
1. Scientists have shown that flavonoids give fruits, like cranberries, and vegetables most of their antioxidant properties and that a flavonoid-rich diet may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

2. Cranberries naturally contain the flavonoid, proanthocyanidins (PACs). The unique structure of the PACs found in cranberries offer properties that prevent bacteria from sticking to cell walls.

3. The PACs in cranberries may help prevent harmful bacteria, including E Coli, from sticking to the urinary tract, which is associated with urinary tract infections (UTIs).

4. Drinking 8-16 oz of 27% cranberry juice cocktail each day is recommended to maintain urinary tract health and prevent urinary tract infections.

5. The compounds found in cranberries may help reduce the incidence of certain infections, improve heart health and reduce inflammation.

6. Dried cranberries are a good source of fiber with 2.3 grams in 1/3 cup (10% of the daily value).

7. One-quarter cup of dried cranberries is equal to 1/2 cup of fruit, according to MyPlate.

8. MyPlate suggests trying dried fruit, including dried cranberries, as a snack because they are easy to carry and store well. Perfectly portioned single-serve packs of dried cranberries are an easy grab-n-go snack!

9. Cranberries can be enjoyed year-round in different forms, such as fresh/frozen cranberries, cranberry juice cocktail, dried cranberries and cranberry sauce.

10. Cranberries are naturally fat-free, have little sodium and can easily fit within the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

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