Dear Santa, The Dietitians Have Been Very Good This Year!

Dear Santa,
We, the dietitians for Market Street, have been very, very good this year. We've been spreading good cheer throughout the stores, sharing the good news of good health.

We've steered our guests towards more fruits and veggies, whole grains and good for your foods.

We hope that you've taken our recommendation to eat more kiwi and less cookies. We know how Mrs. Clause worries about you. We heard that you have been on the treadmill more. Congratulations!

We can't wait to see you tonight. In all the hustle and bustle, don't forget the true meaning of Christmas and if there's room in your sleigh, here's a few things on our Dietitian Christmas Wishlist.

Robin wants:

1.  Lodge, lodge, lodge cook ware from Market Street.  She loves it!
2.  Colorful cooking utensils like spatulas and stuff.  They are so fun.
3.  A beautiful Christmas bouquet that uses the fresh pine and flowers.  So pretty!

Jennifer wants:

1.   Zum bath salts from Market Street
2.   A new larger slow cooker
3.   Running pants/leggings

Brenda wants:

1. Mrs. Meyers Orange Clove Soap from Market Street
2. Kitchen Aid Pasta Attachment
3. Frye "Jane Style" Boots

Alicia wants:

1. Christmas tree decorations from the floral department at Market Street - have you seen all the sparkle?
2. MyChelle Skincare in the Living Well department at Market Street
3. A FitBit

PS Here's a snack for you! Don't worry, we'll leave a cookie too.

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