Can a price tag improve your life?

A price tag? Really? A price tag simply tells us what we can expect to pay for an item, right? At our stores a price tag really can improve your life. Let us show you how…

NuVal Scores

  • A food scoring system that ranks foods 1-100
  • The higher the score, the better the nutrition
  • These tiny numbers on the left hand side of the price tag help you trade up to better for you foods.
  • A third party company assigns the scores
  • It’s like a credit score-  It summarizes all the good and not so good into one simple number

Health Tags

Using NuVal and Health Tags together

Both NuVal and the Health Tags are great on their own but what if you used them together?! Here are a few ways the price tag can make shopping easier.

We’d love to know how you’ve used NuVal or the Health Tags in our stores.

View a larger version of our tips on using NuVal and the Health Tags together here:

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