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Now that the holidays are over….WAIT?! Isn’t the Super Bowl this Sunday?  These days it seems like the Super Bowl is treated as a holiday. Friends and family coming together, breaking bread, while sitting back and watching the season finale of the football season. 

One of the more popular dishes for the super bowl is Nachos.  Traditional Nachos are usually made with refried beans, lots of ground beef, and layers of cheese, stacked on top of tortilla chips.  But before you take a time out from Nachos, follow this easy 4-step process:

1.      Switch from refried beans to black or pinto beans (drained and rinsed).

2.      Choose reduced-fat cheese and use less of it.

3.      Use lean fajita meat (chicken or steak) instead of regular ground beef.

4.      Stay away from extra cheese sauce, sour cream and other hearty sauces.

Just by following these four easy steps, you can easily save north of 700 calories! But the Super Bowl is supposed to be fun and enjoyable.  Your taste buds don’t have to suffer, especially with this recipe; healthier ingredient, same great taste!

·         ½ pound fajita meat (Beef or Chicken)*

·         1 can of black or pinto beans, drained and rinsed

·         ½ cup of reduced-fat Mexican cheese

·          2 cups tortilla chips (look for chips with a NuVal score of 26 or higher)

·         Fresh Pico de Gallo (found in the produce section)


·         For meat, cook in pan until the meat well done (about 160 degrees)

·         For beans, cook in a small pot to an appropriate temperature (should be lightly boiling) and drain if desired.  

·         Place tortilla chips onto a small plate (roughly 30 tortilla chips) and spread out across the plate.

·         Place beans, meat, and cheese onto chips.

·         Cook in Microwave for 90 seconds (until cheese is completely melted)

·         Finish topping with pico de gallo.

*You can either make your own fajita meat or just stop by our meat counter and pick up some pre-seasoned fajita meat

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Thanks to Texas Tech Dietetic Intern, John Parenti, for this blog post.

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