When Cupid Meets a Dietitian

 Recently cupid visited the Market Street Dietitians. He wanted tips on what to eat on his busiest day of the year. He said it was important that his food be fun, filling and figure-friendly.

Here are the 3 tips we gave cupid:

1. When fruits and veggies are fun, they are more likely to be eaten. A study from the University of Iowa revealed that playing with food actually helps kids learn. Another study gave kids chili and measured how much they ate. The second time researchers gave the same chili but called it "Dragon Stew" which increased how much of the chili the kids ate. Make food fun!

2. Protein gives cupid the strength to shoot those arrows and resist temptation. Studies show that protein-rich foods are among the most satiating. Hard boiled eggs are a great portable source of protein.

3. At the end of his busy day, Cupid can enjoy a Valentine's treat that won't weigh down his wings. For the same 200 calories, Cupid can have 3 assorted chocolates or 1 cup of raspberries stuffed with 2 tbsp of chocolate chips. I mean, what else were those raspberry holes created for?!

We had so much fun that cupid decided to stick around and make some other fun Valentine's with us. Check out these cute ideas:

Heart shaped hard boiled eggs
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • The corner of a cardboard box
  • Pencils or skewers
  • Rubber bands

  • As soon as the eggs have been removed from the boiling water, chill under cold water and remove the egg shell. 
  • Place eggs in the corner of a cardboard box, place the pencil or skewer on top and secure with the rubber bands 
  • Once completely cool, remove the rubber bands and skewers and slice. 

Pomegranate ice cubes
  • Heart shaped ice cube trays
  • Pomegrante seeds (arils)
  • Water

  • Fill each ice cube mold with a few pomegranate arils and top with water
  • Freeze until solid and adorn your favorite beverage

Heart shaped grapes, carrots and tomatoes
  • Grapes, grape tomatoes, carrots, etc
  • Paring knife
  • Toothpick or appetizer skewers
  • Cut the fruit or vegetable on the diagonal
  • Take the right side and flip it upside down
  • Join the 2 sides to form a heart and secure with a toothpick 

Head on over to Market Street's produce section to make your next Valentine. And who knows, you might just catch cupid's arrow.

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