Banana Peels and Weight Loss!

Did you know that eating banana peels can help you lose 5 lbs in a week!? The phytoluteins cause your body to release fat.  

Did you also know today is April Fool’s Day and phytoluteins isn’t even a word? 

Don’t be fooled by crazy nutrition advice floating around. Just because it’s on social media doesn’t mean it’s true. Ask a dietitian, check for research on the subject and rely on your common sense too. 

So let's play a game. Below are 5 pieces of nutrition advice given out. Determine which ones you think are fact and which are an April Fool (answers at the bottom).

1. To jump start weight loss, drink nothing but coffee for 2 days straight. It will shrink your stomach and the caffeine will help with the food withdrawal headaches.

2. Eating too much fruit, especially bananas, is dangerous. Fruit is full of sugar and causes diabetes.

 3. People who suffer from headaches and migraines should eat more beans. 

 4. Brown eggs have twice the nutrition of white eggs. 

5. Eating healthy costs more at the grocery store.


1. April Fools! When you starve your body of nutrients, the only thing you are losing is water and/or muscle. As soon as you start eating real food again, the weight will return. When selecting a healthy eating plan, choose something that you know you can sustain, for the rest of your life.

2. April Fools! Yes, fruit has sugar but it also has fiber and phytonutrients that are essential for lowering blood sugar. We encourage guests who are trying to manage their blood sugar to eat their fruit with protein. So add some peanut or almond butter to that banana.

3. TRUE!! This one is actually true. Beans contain a significant amount of magnesium which has been shown helpful for relieving certain types of headaches. Please note there are several different types of headaches, multiple causes and numerous treatments. The right foods can and should be a part of the treatment plan.

4. April Fools! Brown or white, both eggs contain about 70 calories, 6 grams of protein and a generous serving of B vitamins. Brown feathered chickens lay brown eggs and white feathered chickens lay white eggs. You might find that brown eggs cost more, which is why some assume they have better nutrition, but it's because it costs more to produce brown eggs. If you are looking for eggs with better nutrition, look for eggs with omega 3 fatty acids. The chickens ate flaxseed as a part of their diet.

5. April Fools! A study at the Mary Imogene Bassett Research Institute in Cooperstown, N.Y., found that a person who follows a diet of heart healthy whole foods can reduce her grocery bill by up to $8 a week. That translates to an annual savings of $416 a year for a single person. Check out our blog post "Does Eating Healthy Cost More?" for more on this topic.

Did any of these surprise you? What's some crazy advice you've received?

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