Build a Better Lunchbox

Back to school can be such a busy time.  Knowing what to pack for lunches can add to the challenge of this time.  As a busy mom myself, I want to make sure my kids also have a healthy and tasty lunch. We need something quick and easy to put together for these lunches.  Here are some tips on building a better lunch box, followed by 5 easy lunch ideas. 

  • Choose a starch and a protein, such as whole grain crackers and turkey.  They have fiber and protein which will help keep them full and focused all day long.

  • Choose a fruit and a vegetable.  The recommendation is nine servings per day.  Make the most of lunch by choosing one of each.

  • Add a snack for later.  Try a Kind bar, Teddy Grahams, granola bar, or fruit leather. 

  • Now that you’ve built a better lunch, don’t forget to add a water or milk to wash it all down with!

  • Visit our deli and produce sections for quick, easy, prepared items.  For example, choose some of our Fresh Cut Fruits and Vegetables to help reduce prep time.  Don’t forget about the salad bar!  This is a great place to find chopped turkey, ham, eggs, shredded carrots and many other items.

Now let’s put all this together and get started with some great lunch ideas!

Taking a cue from the classic PB & J sandwich, this wrap has a new twist.  Try making a Peanut Butter Wrap (Multi-Grain Flat –Out Flatbread, PB, vanilla granola, chopped apples) + Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies + Greek yogurt.

How about some Roast Beef and Swiss Roll – ups?  Add some carrots, blueberries and water to finish off this lunch.

Leftovers can make a great lunch.  Try shredding some chicken; stir in some barbeque sauce and some shredded carrots.  Use this to make a sandwich on a whole wheat bagel thin.  Add some broccoli, Ranch dip and an apricot!

When gathering lunch ideas, I asked some kids to share their favorite lunch.   To my delight, one of them told me “Salad – Chef Salad”.  So here’s my version of a chef salad: chopped ham and turkey (both of which I found on the salad bar), sliced hard boiled egg and shredded carrots.  Don’t forget the Ranch dressing!  Try pairing this salad with whole wheat crackers and some blueberries to complete the meal.

Here’s a lunch for a little bigger appetite.  Turkey pepperoni, low-fat cheese cubes, whole wheat crackers, olives, grape tomatoes, Greek yogurt, a plum and some water!

Want some more ideas?  Look for our Build a Better Lunchbox brochures in the store.  These even have a shopping list to help you get started! 

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